[3 pigs]
53 Castle Street, Cambridge
Tel: 01223-301547
A charming authentic mexican eating establishment, set high on Castle Hill with a panoramic view of Cambridge. Purveyor of fine foods for a delightful evenings entertainment in the company of friends.

At least, that's what the waitress told me, and who am I to quibble?

There's a variety of choices, but the special (a selection of most of the dishes, including spicy/non-spicy 'n' meat/veggy) is available at only 7 pounds a head. And for the really cost conscious, they're more than happy to cork your own bottles for a pilferingly nominal sum of 95p.


They seemed to cope well with a large number of rowdy piggies. However, the disarmingly frank waitress advised us against desserts, on the grounds that she would personally have to make them, and that lost them their third piggie rating.


Meet in the newly upholstered Castle Inn (50yds down on the other side of the road).

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