Old Warden Aerodrome: The Shuttleworth Collection Sunset Flying Display
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Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 9ER
Tel: 01767 627288
Time:Arrive around 5.00pm for a good spot on the grass near the flight line
Event:The Shuttleworth Collection Sunset Flying Display 3
Price:6.00 adults, 3.00 children (over 5), 15 family (2+2).
Ticket price gets you into the collection as well as the display.
The Shuttleworth collection contains and maintains the world's largest collection of flyable "old" aircraft. The collection contains a wide range of aircraft from the "Golden Age" of flying: tiger moths, Bleriot monoplanes, Bristol BoxKites, most of the DeHavilland wooden planes, Fairy Swordfish etc. Four times a year they select a handful of these aircraft and fly them, starting in the early evening and continuing to sundown. The older and more fragile aircraft are flown later in the evening as the conditions become calmer. At some point in the evening they usually have a fly-by by some other aircraft returning home from other displays, once it was the Red Arrows, but there are no guarantees. In addition to the very relaxed flying display you can wander round the non flying exhibits in the collection. There are some facilities for food, burgers etc., but basically bring a picnic, come along and sit on the grass and have some fun watching these rare aircraft flying from Old Wardens rural grass strip as the sun goes down behind the trees. Sadly the use of barbecues is expressly forbidden.


That was excellent, even the weather behaved. As proof, here are some (low resolution versions of) pictures which Mike Cox took. Thanks, Mike


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