The Royal Oak
[1 pig  ]
The Green, Barrington
Having changed hands several times lately, most noticeably between us booking for Christmas '95 and actually turning up, The Oak is demoted to 1 pig. At every turn they tried to change our menu, and were generally unpleasant. We're not going there this Christmas '96.

Derek - But I'm still not sitting outside

Harlequin's local in Barrington, a traditional English character pub on the village green, complete with low wooden-beamed ceilings and far too much decoration with horse brasses, farm implements and the worst excesses of Richard Clayderman muzak.

Still, the ale is good and the food is reasonable if slightly pricey. Worth a visit just to see the landlady.

This is only ever the venue for the Whistling Pigs Christmas Dinner, which breaks from tradition and is held one lunchtime in December near Christmas. Did I say that the pub was over-decorated? Come Yuletide, and The Royal Oak looks like an implosion in a tinsel factory, or Harrod's turned inside-out.

Fortunately, due to the reasonably large attendance at Christmas Piggies, we are usually seated in the conservatory where the appalling muzak is barely audible.

Derek - I'm not sitting outside

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