Pizza Express

7a Jesus Lane, Cambridge
Tel: 01223-324033

[2 Pigs]

Marvellous place, although I notice that the starters menu has been reduced of late. Pizzas have an excellent selection and are consistently good. Also some pasta, salads etc. Good service and tolerant of groups as long as you give plenty of warning and book. The two rooms have vastly different decor, but are both large. Gets busy at weekends.


The Pizza Express on Regent St. is marginally better than Jesus Lane, and (I think) a little cheaper. Superb pizza from both, and the Salade Nicoise well-recommended, along with most desserts, particularly the fresh fruit salad.

Jon Green

Sadly, our latest visit saw Pizza Express fall from grace. This prompted Whistling Pigs' First Official Letter of Complaint and a rather fascist reply from the management.


Meet in the bar beforehand.

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