The Old Orleans
[3 pigs ]
Millers Yard, Mill Lane, Cambidge CB2 1RQ
Tel: 01223-322777
After a gap of several years and who knows how many changes of management, we ventured back and where pleasantly surprised. We were even more impressed when Gareth's Golden 'Gator card got us a 20% discount. The music remains unknockable.


Pretty poor IMHO, especially for vegetarians. I'm told that it's fine if you stick to the trusted burgers or ribs, but even the most unfussy meat-eaters have been known to refuse to go there. The cocktails from the bar barely make up for the food. The last time I was there the loos were in a dreadful state and none of the staff seemed to care.


Another Mex-Tex, with mesquite-grill and cocktail bar.


Avoid the alligator.


This place started out okay (6/7 years ago), but it has got worse and worse every time I have visited. Can't knock the music though.


Meet at The Mill

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