Mongolian Barbeque
[4 pigs ]
Regent Street, Cambridge
Tel: 01223-361998
They do a 10.95 menu which includes starter and main course. The main course is of the "all you can eat, for a flat charge" variety, in which you pick ingredients (there is no specifically vegetarian option, but suitably vegetable ingredients are available, and they will cook on an area of the grill that hasn't been used for meat, if asked), and take them up to be stir-fried with a selection of sauces, spices and oils.

The drinks menu should, in principle, include Arkhi (Mongolian Yak's milk vodka) although they were out of it when I asked for some...


A most excellent evening out. The trips to the food counter and Barby provide lots of time for chatting, and you can make the food as spicy as you like.


Meet down the road in The Fountain

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