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Tex-Mex with Cocktail bar
The Grafton Centre, Fitzroy Street, Cambridge
Tel: 01223-323434
Mexican and Texan, lots of refried beans (although the 'merkins didn't think much of its Mexican authenticity). I'm a great fan of the Sizzling Frajitas. Happy hour is all night Sunday to Tuesday, which coincides nicely with Pigs. They seem remarkably tolerant of juvenile behaviour, and can cope well with large parties (e.g. they will provide "a mix of starters").

Derek - refried beans? Gack

[10-Oct-95] Latest News: a refurbishment and alteration of Happy Hour (only 5:30 until 7:30, now Sunday to Friday).

An old favourite of ours - not dreadfully authentic, not very spicy, but tasty and large portions, with plenty of veggy options. Sadly, the Tex/Mex quotient seems to have been reduced recently, perhaps at the same time as the redecoration. Cocktails larcenously expensive (but large), and Happy Hour stopped 10 mins before I got there! AArg!

Jon Green

Meet in the bar, for a Sloe Comfortable Screw before your meal.

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