Crown and Punchbowl

High Street, Horningsea
Tel: 01223-860643

[4 Pigs]

For the first time ever, we were identified by some of the staff, who had seen this website. That didn't prevent us having an excellent meal with superb service in pleasant and spacious surroundings. And sausages. And mash.

DerekL, Jan 2004

"Those of you who knew it in its previous incarnation will certainly notice a difference. Itís crisper, cleaner, smarter and now not so much a rambling, rustic dining-pub as a stylish restaurant-with-rooms."

Business Weekly review

Venue for the 1996 Whistling Pigs Works Dinner Dance. It was bloody marvellous. We're still waiting for Brent to scan in the pictures he took...


Meet: in the bar

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