Clowns 2
[1 pig  ]
Market Passage, Cambridge
Tel: 01223-xxxxxx
The new Italian restaurant above the Arts Cinema in Cambridge. Clowns 2 opened just after Christmas and is run by the people who run Clowns Cafe. It is an authentic Italian restaurant serving a good selection of pasta, pizzas and Italian specialities, and is very reasonably priced. The house wine is excellent.


Unfortunately, after showing such promise, they failed on the night. Where to begin? We waited half an hour to order, an hour after that for the starters to arrive and another hour for the main course. By this time others had finished their entire meal including coffee (but not including their bill).

The Pizzas were off. The ice cream was off. The Crostini al Forno hadn't been heated enough to melt the cheese on the top, and the Deep Fried Mushrooms didn't appear to have been within a spaghetti's length of a deep frier.

The veal was tasty, but being in the crate must have stunted it's growth 'coz there wasn't very much of it. The chicken was by turns raw and dry. The spaghetti al nanno looked and tasted exactly like spaghetti under a tin of chopped tomato. No herbs, no spices. Not even any parmesan, although we did spy some later at a distant table. We had to wrest the salad dressing off a nearby table.

All this without a single word of apology from anybody.

One pig, because the correct food did eventually turn up and there were enough plates to go around.


Meet in the Cambridge Arms in King Street.

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