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Whistling Pigs: The Second Millennium

I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it. - Groucho Marx

: 30th October 2008
at: The Cambridge Chop House
Badly Organised by: Derek


A monthly dining club which once consisted of Harlequin employees and their significant others. Time passes, however, and so an increasingly sizable proportion of Cambridge computer companies now nestle in their bosoms those who are already being called Piggies.


Various restaurants limited to the centre of Cambridge by the reluctance of many Piggies to venture further afield. The venue can be proposed by anyone who is prepared to organise booking, subject to a current limit on menu price of approximately £15 per head excluding drinks.

The food bill is simply divided by the number of participants and paid equally; all drinks are paid for into a kitty as they are ordered. The organiser or any suitably sober person will decide whether desserts & coffees are to be included with the meal or paid into the kitty; the latter is generally the case. A vegetarian option must be available.

Where we've been, and what we thought of it, is sporadically recorded. Frighteningly, modern technology can also reveal what we look like.


The second Thursday after the first working Monday of each month, except when it isn't. The full history is available for anybody needing to establish an alibi.

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